How We Work - Business

Every buisness is different. We therefore spend time tailoring the project brief to suit our client's needs. However, the following are areas in which we are commonly asked to help:

Business Analysis & Strategy: We spend time listening to our clients, understanding their business, their core competencies and the market opportunities. We then develop a strategy and tactics to address the key issues and meet their business objectives. We often find that product development is as much about maximising the potential of the existing product range as it is about bringing new products to market.

Market & Trend Analysis: We are constantly monitoring the dynamics of the food markets and food trends. We can work within specific product areas or look at new potential areas for your business.

Innovation Workshops: Many of our clients use our innovation workshops as part of a new product development package or to help fulfil a specific brief. We make these bespoke to the needs of our client and research our workshops thoroughly in order to deliver ideas and concepts that are both useful and commercial. Often we use live briefs to teach efficient innovation. 

Concept Development: Some clients are clear about the area in which they would like to develop products but need us to bring ideas to the table and work the ideas up to a feasible concept stage. We do just that and then hand over the concepts for them to take into the factory/kitchen.