How We Work - Training

We can help our clients to train their teams in almost every area of product development, from product strategy to how to make a sauce....however, these are the training packages most requested:

Retailer Presentations and Communication: Over the years we have been asked by many clients/suppliers, to help them in communicating with retailers. We run training days on site or off site with groups of all sizes.

Product Development Systems Workshops: We have all had much experience in product development systems, (including stage & gate systems) and can train teams in a disciplined approach to product development to inspire innovation and help deliver successful products.

Innovation Workshops: We train individuals or teams to innovate more efficiently and effectively and thereby be more commercially successful. We tailor the training day to provide not only training for your product development teams and all those involved but often use a live brief/project to generate ideas that can then be used for the brief or directional development for your business.

Benchmarking & Comparative Shop Workshops: Effective comparative shopping, (looking at products in the market that are influential or are direct competitors) and benchmarking (looking at the comparative quality and value of client's products/ranges and comparative performance relative to the market) are extremely useful disciplines to keep businesses trimmed and performing well.