Adrian Rivers - Retail management & supply chain consultant

Adrian has worked in the UK Retail market for over 18 years. He specialises in helping foreign suppliers develop and market their products for UK retailers. Having worked for Woolworth's, Shell and Sainsbury's during his career Adrian has also lived and worked in the Far East developing and exporting own label products to the UK on behalf of Tesco, Morrison's, Asda, Sainsbury's, Cost-Co as well as various Foodservice providers.

Whilst working for Sainsbury's, Adrian's role was to identify and develop new suppliers and work with them to bring new products to market.

One of Adrian's main strength's is his experience as a UK retail buyer. He understands what retailers are looking for from a supplier and how suppliers should present themselves and their products to retailers. He is used particularly by the supply base to help them negotiate with retailers.

Adrian's passion comes from loving what he does and from whom he is... enthusiastic, curious, creative, challenging, focused and like all of us at The Food Practice, addicted to retail.

Adrian currently manages his own consultancy service and has worked with The Food Practice since 2008.

His knowledge gained from working with a majority of the major food retailers in the UK has proven invaluable to The Food Practice.